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As small minded as my hometown (and as poor as I) was, we had a fully functioning media lab and library.

& i was the kid who went to the municipal library, after school, to use the internet (and stay the hell out of trouble). That was invaluable for a latchkey kid (of which Philly has no shortage of)

Libraries are an investment. I wish we invested in human potential & the resource of knowledge and education, as much as we invest in large capital expenditure projects and business. Can we have quality physical and social infrastructure, please?


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Ugh, I feel you but some of them do their job above and beyond (e.g. trash trucks with a broom and dustpan mounted on the back are a good indicator).

I have stories.

The biggest issue with the city is near zero on-the-ground accountability towards nonsensical behavior, be it of a citizen or a municipal worker. How many times a week do I have to see idiot contractors pushing brick dust or what-have-you, down a street grate. It's absurd.


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I'm fortunate whereas I don't live around too many junkies, and crack/crackheads are much harder to encounter nowadays. My next door neighbors have two ypung kids and at least three or four adults in their place.

We live in West Philly. We have trees. we have squirrels and avians. The house produces so much trash by the day after trash day, and they don't cover them at all and of course squirrels and birds rip into the bags and then there's trash everywhere, and it gets blown into our little front yard. I swear, I came home one day and a squirrel looked like it wanted to fight me, it was so well fed. They take the food to our porch and eat and shit there.

They recently put a campaign sign up for Jeff "Pick Up the Damn Trash" Brown. The cognitive dissonance pisses me off to no end.

There's trash everywhere because these people think civil servants are their personal custodians, and not something that need to take the smallest amount of responsibility for.

Trash pick-up isn't perfect, and the pandemic took out workers they're still working to replace, but ye gods, people don't take responsibility for their own actions (or, as often is the case, inactions)


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It's both. The system was not designed for the volume nor types of waste. Plastic waste causes clog more than anything, and there's an insane amount of it.

Everyone knows Philly is dumb with trash, though. The ignorance is astounding. Every walk of life, pitching their junk where they please.

Realistically, though, it is cheaper to pay folks to clear them regularly rather than to overhaul the entire system.


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Blinders my ass. You're twisting the reality that Norfolk Southern was careless, and lacked control of the situation, and as Shapiro asserts, misled both DeWine and himself: