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i mean considering those library numbers i wouldn't be surprised if it was two different guys 🙃 but i love that for him. i'm not sure how often the guy in fairmount is there but he brings in a plastic bag with what must be at least a week's worth of newspapers and kinda just flips through em


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without asking you to give away your personal work info, i wonder if this is the guy that i've seen frequently ask people to help read newspapers to him at one of the stores i go to in fairmount? he asked me to help one time when i was in line and i did but thought it was a bit odd, but then i went back another day and another dude in line was reading to him and i was like oh, this guy just wants to know the news but can't read


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I got one as a kid outside the zoo. It was Memorial Day Weekend 2008. That turtle is still alive, is female (has laid eggs), and is named Shelley. She's pretty cute and lives in my grandfather's spare bathtub in the winter, and a stock tank in the backyard in the summer. I would not recommend having a red eared slider or really any turtle as a pet to anyone that doesn't already like herps... like a lot.

Edit: I also specifically wouldn't buy a street turtle, like others have mentioned there's a big Salmonella problem, unethical breeding, and they're illegal to own as they're an invasive species


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I think my ideal day would be to wake up early and go birding at John Heinz NWR near the airport, drive home and take the bus to the art museum area and get some lunch at a cafe like maybe Sabrina's, then hit up the Franklin Institute or Academy of Natural Sciences and spend the afternoon there. In the evening see a concert at Union Transfer or Underground Arts and then some drinks at Prohibition Taproom or Yards or something like that. But I also love walking the trails in Wissahickon or biking along Kelly Drive, or going to the zoo, or kicking a ball around at Lemon Hill. On a nice weather day there can be so much to do.


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i briefly lived in fair lawn and yeah, getting from there to the city via transit is mind blowingly easy and affordable. i had friends sleep over where i was staying multiple times just to get to the city easier in the morning. i now live in philly and somehow getting to nyc is a time consuming nightmare unless you want to pay hundreds for amtrak. ended up driving to hamilton station and taking the train - so worth it


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my apartment doesn't have the meter split and so we are legally off the hook for the electric bill. i believe your situation should be the same. i'm not sure if charging a flat fee for electricity is allowed (we get charged a flat $60 for water), but i definitely don't think that putting the peco bill for the entire building in one tenant's name is kosher