cassinonorth t1_je4tllv wrote

I was 16 so the doctor was convinced it was Mono. The symptoms were incredibly similar...super achy, slept no less than 18 hours a day, very weak. Just saps all the life out of you.

Took me lobbying for 2 appointments for them to test for lyme because I was working grounds at a golf course at the time. Yep, I was right. Eventually got on antibiotics and couldn't go outside the rest of the summer but other than that I haven't had long term effects which I'm grateful for.


cassinonorth t1_iu5d0t8 wrote

I want to punch anyone who says teachers only work 180 days or just 8-3 daily. My wife works basically 7 days a week between grading papers, prepping lessons and going to grad school because that's the only way to make decent money in the profession.

They routinely take away her prep periods to cover other classes too. It's a mess. I try to make her life super easy on weekdays, cooking most nights but it's tough. There's only so much I can do.