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So not only do you clearly have no idea what modern day AI looks like, but you also clearly did not even GLANCE at the bill in question.

A. General intelligence does not exist. It will not exist in the near or foreseeable future. Modern AI is complicated algorithms trained to perform specific tasks. Nobody is making artificial people. We have nothing even close to that level of technology.

B. The article in question is not about the rights of robots. It's about securing human rights in a world increasingly run by robots. The title is purposefully misleading because OP knows that you aren't going to taken even a quick glance at the content before writing your reactionary comment.


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I haven't thoroughly read the document (I sincerely doubt you have either) but I saw nothing at all in the vein of "restricting progress".

AI trained on biased data, for example, will turn out racist because that's what it was given to learn from. Codifying into law the need to avoid outcomes like that doesn't mitigate progress, it forces us to improve AI technology and... you know... make progress.