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But I wasn't fooled and it isn't something I overly take much notice in. Look if anything it actively harms the country due to the spotlight.

Because I think the interest in their countries isn't always their. It could be that by having these massive events builds the interest they can then build from.

I could well be wrong but from everything I see sports washing doesn't work.


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I do understand the benefit to golfers securing that set pay check. I mean there are people on tour who are just getting by outside of the top 50-60.

But on the flip side does the guaranteed income ruin the hunger to win and get the pay. I don't think it does but it could be argued it does.


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I mean, I don't think illegal immigration is a good thing at all. I would never blame an illegal immigrant however, as I have been to places where people have fled and they are just looking for a safe life for themselves and generally would rather stay in their country. I don't think we should just let anyone in however.

The second point you are correct. If their are high numbers of immigrants it must mean the country they are going to is currently "better" than the one they are fleeing and this should be fixed.

Leagl immigration I have little problem with.