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Traveled to Springfield to visit family a few weeks back, and passed a PT Cruiser with a Punisher sticker on it, next to the Punisher sticker were the words "I have to poop."

Well okay then


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I no longer live in SGF but even when I lived there nearly a decade ago there was never a full house for any of the movies I went to see. I can't imagine this location was generating much, if any, profit. Cool theater though, I always remember it as clean and a super convenient option for downtown.


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Dang. I hope the VERY best for him. I'll be visiting town for a week for the holidays and will make it a point to stop in.

(BTW I used to work with some current KOLR10 peeps at a rival station across town)


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Does Steve still own the place? I used to visit there often when I lived in SGF and would always have some great conversations with Steve. He'd come by and talk with my friends and I as if we'd been friends for years. Love that guy and that place.