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The issue is the people in charge don't give a shit because one call to one of their many connections and even the worst fucking cops will back the fuck away unless they're the dumbest of the dumb even by police standards.

The rest of us don't have that privilege - the unions are doing exactly what the bulk of politicians want that's why they have constantly grown stronger despite how vile and corrupt they are. Their main objective is protecting the people with power and money and keeping everyone else at bay regardless of how many innocent get hurt or killed as long as THEY'RE PROTECTED AND SAFE. How else do you think the rich get away with so much shit, they play by different rules - good cops won't let anyone get away with breaking the law, the ones we have now will...

It's a massive systemic problem from the top down.


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Neither of them have a real possibility of being instated into practice with how little the government wants the function of the police to change. But the possibility of settlements coming from their pension fund would NEVER happen, it would be tied up in court for the next few centuries even if it would instantaneously SHATTER their blue wall of silence.


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You'd be surprised. When I graduated I worked a weekend job at a Tribeca pharmacy to help pay back my loans as quickly as possible. The owner and pharmacist were 100% pill mills dispensing ridiculous amounts of amphetamines to their patients.

I had a couple of people come in for refills of Adderall XR 20mg after already receiving 15-18 months worth in about an 8 month span, some people on Vyvanse 50mg, 60mg, 70mg at the same time every single month. All had ridiculous documentation like lost or damaged doses in the system. I always refused to refill for those individuals and had them come back on a weekday when the owner and other pharmacist were around. Some don't give a shit and do it for a quick buck. After I saw it wasn't some one time fluke aka 3 patients in a single day trying to pull that shit with the tech confirming it wasn't abnormal, I immediately quit. I didn't want to risk my license, but apparently the supervising pharmacist was willing to do it. If they're willing to fuck with the DEA in plain sight as that info is recorded upon dispensing via PMP reporting databases, I doubt they cared about actually dispensing the vaccine if it made them great money doing so. You'll more likely see it among small independents, rather than CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and the bunch.

And at my last pharmacist job before I made a career change, one of the silent partners at the independent heavily suggested I should start 'giving out the vaccine'. I readily refused and didn't hold a vaccination certification anyway so that ended the conversation real quick. While my friends and I wouldn't risk it I'm not too sure about every pharmacist as plenty have been caught fraudulently dispensing high dollar medications (4-5 figures/month) and not even bothering to order it nor inform the patients of the medication. At some point some Chinatown pharmacies were handing out HDTVs in exchange for a 3-6 month prescription of whatever high reimbursement cream was for the given months and other unethical highly illegal fraud.

It's a fucked up world out there right now with some of the shittiest reimbursement rates to date with PBMs working hard to steal the business themselves and keep a bigger share of the profits by switching people to in-house mail order. Keeping an independent pharmacy open with 100% legit business is ridiculously difficult without massive volumes, so a promising income stream with minimal work will attract the attention of the unscrupulous.

If you work in the field, you realize it's a small world... Even if you are in the company of decent people, word travels about shit like this.


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Anyone who genuinely thought they got the vaccine will likely want to be replaced the shot they weren't given. Boosters are a thing and according to actual science do work.

Anyone, especially any LEOs who faked it and is unwilling to get the shot again is likely a complicit piece of crap who committed fraud who should be fired and prosecuted. You can't 100% prove they didn't get it at the time of receiving the card, but if they aren't willing to get the vaccine again on record is pretty much guaranteed to have faked it in the first place and need to be purged out.


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Thorough investigations also need to be done on the individuals who got vaccinated there. I'm willing to bet good money plenty of his buddies on the NYPD and nearby forces went there for fake cards. Fire and charge any of the officers that won't get a "booster" (probably first actual dose for many) from a highly monitored facility. They are just as complicit in the fraud and anyone of them who actually got the vaccines shouldn't have any issue with it.