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I'm sorry, so you weren't penalized for writing opinion pieces, or that top graduates in your class didn't do well in their courses? I'm just trying to figure out what you are saying.

But whatever it is... I'm not sure you're interested in a good faith debate and would rather just keep shitting on things you don't understand despite my holding out a huge fucking olive branch to you in the above response. You seem kinda like snowflake who can't take a little criticism or engage in a real discussion. Colleges can be rough for people who are used to be coddled.


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In both history and political science you are not writing your opinion. You are creating a fact based argument, something which is very different from an opinion and needs to show a full grasp of the arguments others have made in the readings. If you approach it from the angle of writing your opinion you are going to end up with a badly written assignment. I'm sorry that this was not made clear to you, but it's an important distinction.

I strongly disagree that college is a waste, but will agree that there are other options and that it shouldn't serve as the roadblock to employment that it currently does. However, for the careers you outlined both teaching and engineering are going to require a base knowledge that is best learned in the classroom before real world experience makes the needed impact. If you've ever worked with an engineer you would know that they don't have the time to cover 101 topics with every new hire because they never learned it in school.

There are many issues with universities and colleges that need to be addressed and our path from school to work needs to be cleaned up. There is so much space here for compromise. But unfortunately the arguments around what happens at institutes of higher education are too often made from a position of ignorance or bad faith which prevents us from even being able to start discussing how we could re-imagine it's relationship to society & work. People need to put in the minimal effort needed to understand how and why colleges are an invaluable resource before they can start to dismantle why they're also kinda fucked up. Like the papers you wrote in college and did poorly on, it should start with understanding the position you are against.


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You are either openly dishonest to other, or both others and yourself. But you're trying to conjure a reality that doesn't exist. There is no fear of rioters on Dartmouth campus and there hasn't been. Conversely a middle age racist did try to start shit with some foreign students recently. They mostly remained calm.


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Your use of 'majority of agreed upon science' is a convincing argument that you don't understand science. Additionally, you are far less clever, ironic, or pointed than you think you are being. It's not about taking platforms away it's about not having to provide them to people who are bad faith actors. Much like your argument above, you aren't actually trying to think deeply about the issue but rather mock the very serious and complex question. Which... is basically what these stupid fucking content creators were looking to do. Whenever someone claims that they can't have an intelligent debate on campus they have always demonstrated resistance to seeing the other side's position, remained ignorant of the materials surrounding the issue, and really are just hoping to get cell phone footage that can be spun for 15 minutes on fox news and a little fawning over at CPAC next year.


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You've dismissed the core of what I said and focused on one thing which I will stand behind. When you go to someone's place of habitation to tell them that you don't respect them it is an attack.

I thought you were for discussion of complex and emotional issues as you don't see them occurring on campuses. Or perhaps you think you are but aren't exactly sure how to start? There are some fantastic courses at universities that could help you with that.


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I hear this complaint all the time, and consistently it's not because the student was arguing against the point, it was because they never bothered to figure out the point that the faculty member was trying to make. Most don't care if you disagree with them, but they get annoyed when students spout off about their views being ignored while not making even half an effort to understand the positions being taken by the readings. Sorry, but you're writing papers that show an understanding of the course materials not an op-ed for the newspaper. Some students seem incapable of understanding this.


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Or perhaps they're tired of this attention seeking bullshit. You don't see Planned Parenthood complaining that the Catholic Church won't host their lecture series on safe sex and abortion access. College's have widely taken the position that they respect the science around this issue and will provide a campus where people are free from harassment and belittlement. Just because they aren't welcoming people into their homes to attack people who live there (yes colleges are literally homes for their students) they aren't saying the conversation can't be had, they're just saying 'this isn't going to be your forum today.'


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Please give any evidence that there were rioters at Dartmouth. You have all the time you need to provide this evidence. Seriously... take a year. I'll wait for your completely unsubstantiated position to fizzle into nothing. You ask for them to grow a set, well perhaps grow up a bit and don't spread malicious rumors. Part of being an adult is telling the truth, and if you don't have the information needed to do so don't speak up.


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There's also the fact that by giving these people a platform attached to Dartmouth they help legitimize their position. These chumps could go on to say 'I have a well attended talk on this topic at Dartmouth,' which will give it an air of legitimacy that it does not deserve. These folks aren't being silenced or cancelled, they just aren't being handed a microphone from a college that doesn't feel like they're worth the trouble and headache.


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Or... people who have no interest in having a good faith argument realize they can get publicity by getting protested at a liberal college and run full steam ahead with the plan.

The idea that colleges are places were 'discussions of difficult topic's can['t] happen' continues to be a stupid position. Most of the time it's people who are insisting that 1+1 does not equal 2 and then get annoyed that the person who has dedicated their life to math doesn't feel like spending their time fruitlessly explaining that it always has and always will equal 2.


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Advanced Transit runs M-F on a 15 minute schedule between Hanover and Lebanon. You still need a car because downtown Lebanon somehow doesn't have even a small market type place so you're effectively in a food dessert when on foot, but if you work a typical schedule it can often be easier to bus than worry about parking in Hanover.

I would say though that the housing issues facing NH are even more dire in Lebanon so be ready for a long search or an expensive rent. Beyond that... there's not that much offered in Manchester that can' be found amongst the many communities of the Upper Valley. Just be sure to familiarize yourself with all of them. Not just Lebanon and Hanover.


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You're unlikely to see any dangerous animals. If you do just ask yourself if you're feeling the need to do something stupid like approach them and try to pet them. If you answer no you'll be fine.