cearahn t1_iqoadkz wrote

would those tests distinguish between a covid infection and prior immunization/vaccination?

thank you for the recommendations. I did go to a doctor, they did a lot of testing (EKG, blood work), didn't really find much except for a "boring, normal -ish" arrhythmia. they said I could do a holter monitor if I wanted to but I haven't yet. otherwise generally healthy so it really made me wonder. It is super interesting to me that it is more of a constellation type syndrome vs a diagnosis for long covid. That probably makes it much more challenging to quantify. If I continue having symptoms I will look into seeing a doctor familiar with long covid. Thank you!


cearahn t1_iqo77md wrote

is there any way to tell if you might have long covid symptoms later if you had a mild case and didn't know/didn't test positive for it? but are maybe having symptoms later? (I say this as someone who randomly developed heart palpitations last week, but to my knowledge have never actually had covid...) not looking for a diagnosis online just curious! thanks