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And by the time it’s processed the infected tourists will be LONG GONE spreading the new variant.

A competent government would test the infected BEFORE they arrived at the airport to spread it on the flight…

You know the precautions are laughable? Because tourism revenue from PRC tourists pre pandemic was $250 billion worldwide.

That’s right the citizens of our countries who will die and our society’s ravaged by the new epidemic out of China for $$$$. Too bad the people are not more valuable than the money the infected will deposit into the coffers.


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Allowing travel in the first place after what happened in 2019 to the world economy as Covid spread. Remember how the CCP pushed foreign travel and restricted domestic to push sick out???

Why would you introduce new measures for travelers from China amidst a massive epidemic where the crematoriums have dead bodies lined up outside for miles.

Biden’s Administration announced yesterday they will allow home tests for travelers from China. I’m sure those cannot be faked in a country synonymous with fakes. Please do better EU.

World about to go into the toilet as the gates of the quarantine zone of infected are opened up and travel ensues.


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A bit disingenuous to call them the most capable since they are assaulting an objective with relatively little military value to generate support for their leader‘s political aspirations.


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Why stop trading with Russias ally China?

That be wise policy for SGT. Scholz but I don’t have to answer to the German business lobby that the SPD is beholden to.


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Well your suppliers listed in the article are in China, who has made it known it wants to be the worlds battery producer. So they will be the future owners as they force you out of business with inflated supply costs the article cites as “inflation.”

How can you compete when the supplier wants a monopoly of the thing you want to make? Impossible especially with China’s SOE deep pockets.