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When a tree grows, it adds on to the existing cells, the wood that already is there. So if you carve into a tree at point five feet high, when the tree grows that carving won't get higher. It may add tissue on to the outside to cover the scar, but it won't push it higher.

My point is that scar and metal seems pretty high up there. Those were some big ass trucks hitting it...or maybe something else happened.

Looks a little bit like r/treeseatingthings


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That's a part of serving and protecting the employer. Most HR employees immediately get super defensive when you point out there role is to mitigated legal liability to the company they work for and not the employees of that company.

Some HR employees may be delusional and believe the serve some "greater good", but I think a good bit are bad actors who know that the job is meant to keep the working man down. Human Resource departments don't like it when you begin to examine things closer.