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Apparently a high percentage of minor accidents damage the battery since it’s such a large part of the car foot print, almost all collisions are near the battery. There’s also a battery shortage. Not to mention all of the cameras and sensors on the Tesla, you’re going to break multiple electronics even in minor crashes. Then the lead times on the parts and the extra fees Tesla mechanics charge drive up the price more not to mention the cost of the rental you’ll need for two months while waiting for repairs. And they can get a decent amount for damaged teslas as salvage since the parts that aren’t broken on that particular one are still in short supply and outrageously priced, so it’s cheaper to just write off the fender bender and the insurance company sells off the car for parts


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I just saw an article yesterday about how Teslas are so expensive to fix even from minor accidents and the wait time for repairs is so long that insurance companies are being forced to total out cars that are in minor accidents


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It’s a three pronged problem. First, your trash cans disappear really quickly. The lids even quicker. Two, people pick through your trash and recycling and just toss it on the ground to get to what they want, not to mention animals do this also. And lastly, the trash men don’t give a fuck if they drop something or rip a bag and just throw your can back at your house over the cars if you still have a can


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And people putting trees on sidewalks that are too small. My mother in law can’t even fit her walker between the trees and porches on her block and the city won’t make them move and remove the tree, she has to squeeze between cars and go into the street to get to the corner store


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Not if you live in the city, you pay the wage tax even if you work on site in NJ every single day. You are only exempt if you live outside the city, and your office is in the city, but you work on locations outside of the city, you are exempt for those days that you are working in another location, but not from home