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This is the take that comes from the kinda people who start shooting when they feel “disrespected”. Like really, you think the appropriate reaction is to attack a medical trainer who tried to guide someone out of the way who was blocking and injured player. The trainer didn’t do anything that could even be accidentally construed as aggressive, he touched his arm to get around him because he was being an idiot and blocking staff from an injured opponent. Not to mention this is the second time this season this moron got an ejection for hitting staff. How can anyone defend this shit


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I’m in and out in 5 mins on the weekend at my dispensary. You order online and they text you when your order is ready and you just go pay for it at the desk and you’re done.


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Think about it, “Philly never stops taking hold of Philly suddenly and forcefully” or “Philly never stops being Philly”. It depends what you were going for but i assumed “Philly never stops being Philly” is closer to what you wanted, in the vein of “never ceases to amaze me” in the context of you will always be impressed by something