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TIL that in 1864, a man of Jewish descent named Siegfried Marcus invented the first automobile propelled by a gas engine. The Nazis tried to erase this fact from history and credited Carl Benz instead.

^ I was wondering why his name would be scrubbed by nazis unless he was Jewish, and turns out, yep that's exactly why.


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TIL of the Frank Slide. In 1903, 44 million tons of rock fell in one of the largest landslides in Canadian history, which partially buried a town and killed 70-90 people. A horse, Charlie, survived for a month underground, only to die after being overfed oats and brandy after being rescued.

^ For those who are also really tired and trying to read the title.


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In part because of how much we eat fast food, and how many of those fast food locations have extremely gross soda machines (think specifically the part that stores ice).

The easiest way to avoid food poisoning while eating out is to avoid ice, cilantro, lettuce, and mayonnaise. It's not a guarantee but your odds get better.


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I know it's a long video, but if you're interested in learning more context about A Christmas Carol, this is a wonderful session from Townsends on YouTube with guest host Carol Jarboe.



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The story of Ettore Boiardi (Chef Boyardee) is pretty interesting too. I grew up thinking it had always been a cheap processed canned food line, and the whole Chef thing was just a marketing shtick, which is not the case.


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A lot of Guinness World Records are just paid for by rich people and protected from submissions to overtake said records, or it's just accepted because it's something weird that will draw people's attention (and thus bring in money from sales of their book, which is about the modern equivalent of a circus freak show sometimes)

Hbomberguy on YouTube recently accidentally got them to delete a record for Tommy Tallarico when he sent in an inquiry asking about how the record was verified. Shocker, it wasn't verified.

I'm not saying the records for the cats are fake because honestly I don't know, just that I always take a mental note that "world records" are often for entertainment purposes only, and sometimes are only about as real as "reality" TV shows. It's always worth looking up more information if your curiosity is sparked, just be wary it may be clickbait or stretched truth.


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I believe it's possible to have medical care preferences laid out in some legal form, along the same lines of a Do-Not-Resuscitate order. Like, if X/Y/Z happens and I'm incapacitated/vegetative, do not provide life support.

One of those things I really should get done. Shit can happen at any age or any time.