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Okay, lets say the left and right retinas are like two laptop screens with all the pixels numbered/labeled the same. Does a corresponding position fall on the same numbered/labeled pixel for each eye, or would the correspondence fall on different numbered pixels?

Does that make sense? Like if the retinas were like battleship would the corresponding position be the same (b4 and b4) or would they be different (like b4 for the left eye and c4 for the right eye)

I want to know if they correspond in the sense that they are b4 b4. Or because they correspond to the same point in physical space but are in fact different "pixels", like b4 and e6


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So would it be right to say that a binocular neuron--including one that allow for stereopsis--receives input from the same retinal position of each eye? (As opposed to it receiving input from different retinal positions) Is this right? Bc I was wondering if input from different retinal positions to the same neuron allowed for depth perception, or if it was different input from the same position


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Are they non-corresponding in the sense that they are the same retina (the twin retina for the other eye) just getting different input, or are they non-corresponding because they are not twin retinas? As per the basis for stereopsis^

In other words:

Do twin retinas converge on the same binocular neuron that allows for stereopsis, they are just sending different signals? Or do those neurons get input from two slightly different positioned retinas and that is the reason they get a different signal?