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This same thing happened to me just yesterday with my shutoff valve under the sink. I had to replace a small leaking PTrap washer and I noticed small drip coming from the sharkbite shut off valve. I have also sworn by these and I know this was replaced right before we moved along with all the sinks in the house. As soon as I touched the valve it started a steady drip. Glad I was already down there and I just switched to compression and not push in.


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And how far did we go? Remember our last drive? With what we had? Ended with embarrassment. Just like this you know who our last center was? Fuckin zeke! We are going to have to pay for this talent sooner or later. Nobody cares about what you do in regular season just as long as you get to the playoffs. His playoff offense sucks. We beat Tamba...big whoop. Gotta do better then that. Alot of fault to be had and I believe we are up to 6 assistance that also received the axe.


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One of the best in the business? With what resume? Im a cowboys fan but the media puts us on an unrealistic platform every..single..year. He changed our scheme from run dominant...big fuckin whoop. We have a great receiving core, any OC could do what hes done with what we have right now. It was different for sure. Nice change of pace from running the same shit for 30 years but his creativity was caught up to by other teams, along with Daks inconsistancies. OCs are a dime a dozen and come and go. Playing talent is like catching lightning in a bottle, we have good players when healthy we need to change up...something also tells me there was some behind the scenes shit going on with kellen that pissed off the uppers. Coaching and talent need to be on the same page and it feels like we were People like you just think youre a football god and know everything when it comes to the shit and probably never held one in your life and have no seeing eye view so you downgrade others opinions because you think youre superior when clearly youre sitting at home watching like the rest of us. Good luck in life couch coach. Go Cowboys!


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You simply posted knowledge...we know the history...we know kellen moore isnt our only problem and dak is also a big problem, so is zeke..and now pollard. Kellen wants a HC job somewhere and he will be fine at it. But in clutch this guys playcalling was hot garbage. Youre definately one of those crazy stupid ass fans that think they know better than the organization. None of us know best. Hopefully we can reset in the off season and dak can slow down his progressions and work on his internal clock. Ever since the ankle his clock has been off. Mccarthy will take over play callin and with GB he was pretty good at it. And as for slapping someone. Yes, because someones opinion does not match yours thats no reason to insult and therefore you get the shit slapped out of you. That has been a hard lesson to teach garbage like you to watch your mouth. Doesn't make me a "basass". Thats what would be expected to happen to anyone who insults anyone.


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Yeah..we know the history..and you classifying people as idiots for posting opinions on reddit makes you a complete jackass of a person that I know if you said that to a human being face to face, you would get the dog shit slapped out of you. Yeah Dak sucked this year. We made it to the playoffs by the luck of Rush. Zeke sucks now too. But thats the game. Romo was on the decline and injured and Kellen wasnt starting material...and injured. Dak won the start..what are we going to do? Be the browns and quarterback shop every year? We are inconsistant but the last few years we have been getting a little bit further.


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You are getting downvoted but I sort of agree. When we first hired him it was refeshing to get away from the typical run,run, pass incomplete then punt scheme. Then as time went on and other teams studied his offense on film and alot of plays you end up looking at and saying what the hell was that.


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Indeed I could be bias because I live in Columbus and I have a foul taste in my mouth from this place because of the reasonings I have stated. It is definately not a terrible zoo, granted it could be consolidated. Walking that hill in 90 degree weather with a stroller and a irritated 6 year old to get to the giraffe will make you grumpy


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Have you been? I have been many times due to having kids. Im from Texas and have been to many zoos in many states. I have seen the same rankings where it has been top 5 for a long time. Mostly because of Jack Hanna. But san antonio zoo and Dallas zoo blows it out of the park. It does have zoo lights which I love. Boo at the zoo went downhill. Last year they went as far as having salesmen out giving 1 piece of candy and trying to sell me windows and bath remodels.


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Ah. Our good overrated Columbus zoo. Uses our franklin county tax money for funds when theyre located in delaware county. Then gets busted using the money for personal spending, lost its zoo credentials with the AZA which they were a big advocate of having to have in order to house exotic animals ever since the Zanesville, Ohio incident in 2011. Wish they would at least fine them and give us our tax money back. We get a measly discount on tickets that anyone can purchase onlne, they never check my ID.