charleejourney t1_j1a45z5 wrote

I took my kid to Maimonides ER for a possible broke bone and waited for a long time. After a while a kid comes in and he was yelling a lot and also for a possible broken bone. Because the the screaming that kid got his X-ray right and the doctor saw him. The kid had no broken bone and was fine, he kept screaming that they did another X-ray and the doctor saw him again. My kid got a X-ray too but we haven’t seen the doctor. After our X-ray the screaming kid got two X-rays and saw the doctor twice while we were waiting. I had to complained to get the doctors to look at my kid’s X-ray. The PA response was how did I know all this happened? I said I could hear the conversation through the cloth curtains. I could understand why the saw the other kid first because of the screaming but why the second time when they knew nothing was wrong?

I have friends who work in hospitals who gotten their family and friends seen first.