cheesewitche OP t1_j14wk7w wrote

Oh that's very cool! Something like slipping and landing on my back would completely knock it out of joint right now. I'd imagine you're experiencing that level of force semi regularly in the rink so it's really cool to hear that you're doing well.

I can hardly remember what 80% of my pre injury stability felt like bc it's been messed up for so long, even though it's actually gotten significantly stronger since then due to all my efforts to avoid surgery. Sounds like I should just do it


cheesewitche OP t1_j14q87d wrote

I'm okay with doctors who aren't people-people as long as the surgery's good. How's your shoulder doing now? I really want to be able to do things like brace myself for a fall on that side without fear, but I know that's a big ask.