chefkoolaid t1_j3zl2tv wrote

Lololol youre the one that posted an essay because you are so upset as t the state of the sub! Yet Im emotionally damaged and always online

If you have 400 up votes its because there are 400 other people too lazy to click through to the sub and see the actual front page

If you only see what hits the feed the sentiment is understandable but still not at all an accurate reflection of the sub

I like replying to these posts because its a chance to poke fun at laziness and stupidity. Something I always love to do

Ill keep on pestering you all day if it's going to be this entertaining.


chefkoolaid t1_j3y5p59 wrote

There is nothing stopping you from posting and asking for product recommendations in this sub. A good portion of the front page of the sub is exactly that. The vintage item posts make the feed but if you actually visit the sub there is a lot of product discussion.