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>Because of the nature of this sub we often get Uplifting Distortions, and Rushing To Misunderstandings because the misunderstanding is pleasant for the person doing the misunderstanding.
negativity is the correct response to oblivious viral lies

Thank you. Far too often things get listed on the subreddit because they cater to confirmation bias of wishful thinking.

And while I am open to the idea of genetic (and most definitly genomic) contributions to addiction, the vast majority of the emphasis on addiction research is on the wrong research.

Addiction is the result of undealt with trauma, not the result of mystical substances that chase people down the street. No matter how much a given source of research funding might benefit from a different set of facts (phamiceutical solutions to addiction are desired by big corporations) here in reality addiction is the result of undealt with trauma & we already have a medication that can resulve the vast majority ot PTSD issues in 1 to 3 sessions.... one that people rarely have legal access to. That medication bypasses the action of the hippocampus so that trama memories can be examined without a heaping serving of PTSD.


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> . due to the lack of compromises

I moved to Australia from the USA over 20 years ago. We do have some similar issues with entrenched corruption and people who will say anything to get a few conservative swing votes.

That said, although we do have 2 major parties we do not have the electoral process or first to the post voting. That means that you really can vote for the person who you want in office (perhaps an independent or a small party politician that you like) without throwing your vote away. If your favorite candidate doesn't get in then your vote just moves on to support the next candidate (or party) you listed (and so on). This lets you list a major party as the last 'acceptable' person in your list (a compromise candidate like Biden) before you put down all the people you absolutely hate (with the least reprehensible first, and the one you hate the most listed last).

There are no votes thrown away.


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And of course nothing to do with the deregulation of banks under Trump. Or the US obsession with pretending that Classical Economic Theory works. Nah, it has to be something that actually increases bank profitability (work from home) but which the power obsessed managers dislike because it puts employees out of their sight.


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Engineered wood is held together with seriously problematic adhesives.

Historical note - Anyone else recall that the use of those adhesives in the fake wood fitting of trailer homes caused so many horrible health problems that new standards had to be made (federally in the USA) insuring that the trailer homes would exchange all the air in home for fresh air at a much higher rate.

That's what you would be breathing.

Mind you we COULD have really good engineered wood from 3d printed cellulose (grown in big vats, fast and cheap). Instead we get strand board and chip board and fake timbers full of formaldehyde based glues, all of which come from OIL.

Oh well. Everyone is already slated to get cancer at least twice, so I supposed some additional cancers and brain damage and immune damage won't make that much difference.