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That sounds wonderful!! I tried to move to Europe after my first visit in my early twenties. Didn't work out, but I've been telling my husband that if his company ever has jobs over yonder, that he needs to consider it!


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Ahhh always a tricky concept, making a passion into a career! The things I love would pay even less. My passions aren't marketable (writing, translating, creative stuff.) But I have learned to incorporate some of these things into my daily routine to offset the grind. For example, designing a chart for the VP that's fun and colorful rather than the usual boring list- that got some praise! Mass emails with some graphics are also fun to do. Difficult conversations that other people don't want to get involved with, that takes finesse and some creativity. Stuff like that.


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Man, even in the early days of the internet, I remember a co-worker telling me how he wanted to make a website for this exact reason. He was talking about how he wanted to show the images that mainstream media never do, because people need to understand just how serious it is.

Gov't learned after Vietnam that showing the reality of war meant it would become unpopular and cause protests. That's why there's hardly any footage anymore, AND they've stopped reporting on the number of casualties.


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Isn't it wacky?! I'm looking at a small pile of gifts from relatives in the corner, waiting for tomorrow. Sooo much STUFF in this house, I can't keep up- MIL is constantly offloading stuff she no longer wants on us, plus my mother's stuff after she went to a nursing home, cousins' stuff in the attic, it gets suffocating.

I go to thrift stores to drop stuff off at least every month, and we still have so much.


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The narcissist I used to have in my life was an aggressive gift-giver. I can look around this room and see a bunch of things they bought, but it was obnoxious- essentially taking over all the decor after a while bit by bit.

But of course you can't complain about "generous" gift-givers.


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US media outlets have been owned by the 1% for quite some time, although most of the propaganda was through "news" fed to stations by the gov't. Now it's Sinclair, Murdoch, Ailes, etc.

One of my relatives is an ivy-educated journalism teacher, and often asks his class to consider both sides of news stories, but he's still pro-Trump and buys into a lot of the related bullshit. I'm floored that he's apparently unaware of the history of Fox, and the control of people like Murdoch.