chewwydraper t1_jege9rq wrote

>70k€ here would be very comfortable.

In fairness $70K€ would be over $100K in my country (Canada) so yeah that'd be quite a bit more comfortable.

Here in Canada and specifically the province I work for (Quebec) after tax the take-home pay is around $4K/month. There's monthly stuff I didn't list on there such as cell phone bill ($80+) internet ($80+) groceries (skyrocketted this year, can easily hit $150/week or $600/month) gas (currently spend $200/month), utilities ($100-ish/month), and then other odds and ends. It really doesn't leave that much leftover.


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Can't speak for the people of Spain, but what I can tell you is here in Canada it's gotten so unaffordable that I've just given up on "the dream".

I make a decent salary, around $70K. It isn't enough to afford a home or to build a comfortable savings after rent + student loans + car insurance, etc. are paid. So now I just simply don't give a fuck. I'm not overly dedicated to my job, because why would I be? It's not building me a life. It doesn't even keep up with inflation. I will 100% put my mental health first at this point, because what else do I have?


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God I want one so bad.

I don't want to camp in a luxury RV or trailer. I just don't like sleeping in a tent where I'm super exposed to the elements. Just give me a few hard walls in something small enough to be towed by my Dodge Journey and I'm happy. I don't need the fancy doo-dads that every trailer seems to come with for a crazy price tag.