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Yeah, I’m not the biggest fan of DoorDash in general but it seems like the better of the food delivery services where I live but that’s not saying much. The main reason why I order from them is pure convenience. Where I live it’s mostly street parking as is where a lot of my favorite restaurants are. That already makes it difficult enough plus I work on the opposite side of town from where a lot of my favorite restaurants are. That said DoorDash seems to mishandle like 1 out of every 5th order. When it’s a missing item, they’re really good about refunding but if it’s like spilt food/bad packaging, they seem to be less understanding with their automated service.


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Definitely fall into the old when young and young when older category. I was a latchkey kid so I had a lot of responsibilities growing up and was very independent. When I was in grad school tho, I hit this state of arrested development and started getting back into some childhood interests like comic books and toys. I think the stress of higher education caused me to escape into old comforts. Since I graduated several years ago, I’m finally sort of getting back to “adulting” again after several years of indulging in minimal responsibility bachelorhood.


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Where did this happen? Surprised they tracked them down. Last time I called the cops was in reference to a hit and run I was in where the other guy peeled off after I checked on him. Was waiting around for hours before anyone called me back and no one showed up. Even after filing a police report, nothing ever came from it.