chicknfly t1_j61l6m5 wrote

Have you all ever played a game like Halo or some other arena shooter? Some games have a “hardcore” mode where things like radar/motion sensing are removed. Going from normal modes to hardcore is really difficult, especially when you’re playing a game against seasoned hardcore players.

Having AR is fine and dandy until that thing breaks, fails, falls/is lost, loses battery power, doesn’t pick up sensors, loses GPS, etc. then you very quickly become the new guy in an arena of experienced fighters.

I know real life isn’t the same as a video game, but this scenario is pretty damn realistically relevant. Relying on the extra unnecessary tools reduces your abilities in other perishable skills. Hell, as a crew chief who called out distance estimations to the ground during a landing, not flying for a week or two can destroy your ability to call out distances, especially when flying on NVG’s in low light conditions.