chiisana t1_je1l7ye wrote

Thanks for this. I’m using F&P Eson2 right now. The other one they gave me originally felt like having air lances going up my nose and was totally unbearable. I’ll try a full face with mouth one next time I get new mask!


chiisana t1_je1l0no wrote

I tried a couple. The one they originally gave me was terrible — they’re like air lances going up my nose haha. I’m using F&P Eson2 now and am able to keep 3-5hrs depending how deep I sleep (melatonin + L-Theanine helps a little).


chiisana t1_je0fva0 wrote

I’m underweight and have a pretty severe case with over 30 events per hour. Using the machine brings it down to sub 10 (often sub 5), but it’s been more than a year and I still unconsciously remove the mask each night. Sounds like your treatment is very successful, any tips on keeping it on?