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Last time I went, VIP was like a little cattle enclosure with a couple tables, bathrooms apart from general admission, and its own alcohol vendor. It was directly right of the stage so not the best sound from there. The only benefit I can imagine is less time waiting for alcohol.


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We left Springfield at 4:30. Got parked at the Fruit Farm lot (field) at 7:30. There were people just commuting further south towards Harrison that were stuck in the concert traffic. Once parked, it was either an hour long walk to the venue or wait for a shuttle. The wait time for a shuttle was 2-3 hours. There were probably thousands of people waiting on the few shuttles they had and shuttles had to come back down the same road as the long line of traffic trying to get parked. It was obvious getting out of there was going to be just as bad so we left. It just wasn’t worth the hassle to us and, thankfully, only paid $15 for tickets. Grabbed dinner at the Landing and just laughed at what a shit show that was. I requested a refund on Ticketmaster. Not really optimistic though so I’ll probably dispute the charge on my credit card. But I really feel for people who spent so much money or might’ve traveled long distances for this horribly planned event. Feels like we were just Fyre Fested. Ol Johnny Morris just Ja Ruled our asses.