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> When talking with Hoffman about staff’s concerns, he allegedly told them to “buckle up” as they would be serving “the Negro” cocktail the following week,


> “Hoffman told me and a coworker that he hates political correctness and that anyone who has an issue needs to ‘buckle up,’ because next week he would release a black cocktail called ‘The Negro,’


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> The city has used wage taxes vs property taxes as a way of funding their government.

Having lived in Philadelphia, you have just confirmed that you are a Lying Sack of Fertilizer.

What part of the State Government severely limits what localities can tax is beyond your comprehension?

I hope you are being paid a living wage for your trolling.


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If you make $1,000,000 per year you still have $969,300 to live on.

If you make $15,080 per year you have $14,617 to live on.

Hopefully you can see that at the lower income level. the tax has more of an impact on one's living standard than at the higher income levels. I would have no problem living on $900,000; $14,600 not so much.

Thus the classic definition of a regressive tax - more impact on a lower income person's life than a higher income person.

A recent proposal by a certain faction in Congress to scrap the Federal Income tax and replace it with a 30% sales tax is a Smash And Grab for the Wealthiest Folks who were ever Chauffeured around the Planet Earth.


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In Pennsylvania a farmer can get a legal permit to sell raw unpasteurized milk. The permit requires extra testing for bacteria, especially listeria, which is a bacteria that is not affected much by refrigeration.

So permitted farmers are managing the risks.