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I went to the home opener and it was nuts. I didn't sit in GA section, but found myself looking over at the beersnake and lemon throwing about as much as I watched the game. It was really funny. Described it as "bonkers" to my friends as a selling point.


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It's also a strong statement that leadership doesn't want to get fired, and that leadership would love their equity stake to increase in value. Stock buybacks are not investments in the company, as Apple already got everything they were going to get when the shares were floated. Apple has been sitting on an absolute pile of cash for a long time.


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Per capita isn't the right approach. Little kids aren't in the market for a new home. Either use households or the adult population.

The quote in the subtitle is misleading, as it implies that NIMByism is why the number of permits are what they are. Based on the HOUST data in FRED, the growth in housing starts post-2008 crisis has been strong.

Growth rates would have made more sense.


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I think that there are caps on the number of federal FTEs, but I may be imagining things. Brookings has a report from 2020 that shows the number of contractors, available at