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Yeah, the thing about climate engineering is that a lot of it is science fiction, or may have unintended consequences. Cloud seeding for example, may make things worse, or drive wars, we just don't know. It's all a lot more complicated that saying "technology will fix it"... as technology usually makes things worse.... that's the point iv was making.


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Some of the latest research suggests that we could be heading for 10C warming even if emissions stopped tomorrow. To get this under control we'd likely need to remove 1 trillion tonnes of carbon from atmosphere by 2050, 2040 if we want to be safe.


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Why is that? The scale of the problem is well beyond what any technology we're likely to develop can fix. Our limited history clearly demonstrates that technology is positively correlated with degradation of the biosphere, and there's next to no evidence that this trend won't continue.


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It fine saying that people want this technology, and the technology may be cool, but the last 30 years tells us that almost every endeavour in this field is a resounding failure.... Google Glass being a casing point, which is often conveniently overlooked.


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Every decade techno utupianists proudly declare that VR will change the world radically... and the FOMO crowd go chasing after it... but it never materialises. This time around it is no different.