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More info courtesy of The Vintage News: "Windber Trolley Graveyard: An apocalyptic trolley graveyard sitting out deep in the woods of Pennsylvania"

"Located in Western Pennsylvania in the borough of Windber, Somerset County, lays a graveyard that is extraordinary–instead of tombstones, this graveyard features a long row of street cars from the World War II era and it is commonly known as the “Trolley Graveyard of Windber.”

This wooded, remote destination, which strongly resembles a set of an apocalyptic horror film, has an extended section of closed-off rail tracks filled with over 50 trolleys (streetcars) that during the 1930s and 1940s ran in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Johnstown, Minneapolis, cities in New Jersey, and Boston.

Trucked by flatbeds from Boston, these cars were transported to a railcar repair shop in Windber, a small coal-mining town in the mountains of Pennsylvania. At first glance, the vehicles seem ready to take off in no time, but that won’t happen anytime soon. They sit and rust in the harsh weather conditions, and many of them have been vandalized by thieves for their copper wires or those who just want to tag these old remains."


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Naval Security Group Activity (NSGA) was an organization within the US Navy on Adak Island. It was tasked with intelligence gathering, cryptology, and denial of intelligence to Cold War and other adversaries. More than 700 military personnel were assigned to operations in these isolated facilities. Military activities lasted on this location from September 1943 until March 1997 when the entire Adak base was closed. But thawing arctic ice and geopolitical concerns has the US Navy considering a base reopening.