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Datsun cars did the same. Started in the 280ZX and I know it continued in the 300ZX and maybe some Nissans?

The car would talk to you and tell you things like “the left door is open” or when you left the lights on or keys in the ignition.

These days they don’t seem to work, but there’s YouTube videos of people making them work.

Useless but cool piece of technology.


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I’ve been around some narcissistic people my whole life and have gone full on “stone brick” for so long that I don’t think I actually have full on emotions any more.

I know I feel then, but I can’t express them. There’s a clear difference when I’m happy, but I don’t think it fully shows. It’s either there or not, and the level I show never changes. I can be the happiest I’ve been in my whole life and it come across as if I had a decent hamburger at a new place.

Be fine with who you are, if you accept yourself you’ve already conquered the world.


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Haven’t used much PVC myself so I can’t really comment, but in most ways it seems better than the ABS I do use. Everything other than installation that is, which is my career. I do like material that’s easy to work with but also stands up, if only ABS didn’t bow in the sun like PCV doesn’t the stuff would be damn near perfect.


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Pex has been in use in Europe since the 70’s. The US used it for underfloor hearing starting in the 80’s.

I’ve removed 25 year old pex that was just as good as what I replaced it with. A inch and a half section of that same house on a hot water circ loop attached to a water softener had a nail shot through it when the piping was originally installed, it didn’t appear to have ever leaked and wasn’t at the time I repaired that.

It’s proven.

Side note, PVC is garbage for water. My state doesn’t even allow it for hot water.