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On the one hand, we are definitely on the edge of a world where anything can be faked. On the other hand, we've been down this road before: Photoshop, "realistic" CGI, dodging and burning pinup prints, the fairy photograph hoaxes of the early 1900s, etc. We learn and adapt to changes incrementally, not everyone and not all at once, but we get there eventually. And let's be honest, misinformation has been in place in the media for years - the sinking of the Lusitania was completely fabricated to create justification for war, way before anyone had AI or Photoshop. It all comes down to who the source is and their credibility, has been since the dawn of the written word.

(But tbf, I'm in an industry that will be hit hard by AI so I understand the panic!)


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Say what you will about the outsourcing of labor, but it's a bit goache to call them 'windup toys.' It takes skill to execute directions from a different country in a different language to exact specifications, even if the task isn't a higher order of intelligence. Just because they're paid less for smaller jobs now, doesn't mean they aren't capable of learning something more skilled in the future.


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"Angry vocaloid" and "angry Hatsune Miku" only had angry human music, might need a touch of recalibration (although I know Miku's catalog on Spotify is small)

Edit: "Jpop to listen to in the rain" generated a playlist that was 70% English songs, 30% Japanese. The AI seemed to get hung up on the word "rain", most of the English songs had the word "rain" in the title. Overall mood was upbeat and peppy, I was expecting something softer and gentle (like "Honey" from CardCaptor Sakura or a lo-fi playlist.) Maybe the AI has a harder time with non-English songs in general?

Edit 2: "Queer graduation music" - I intended this to be what you'd play before or after a high school graduation with a large queer population. 70% of it was EDM for some reason? Only a couple actually queer artists were included (Ru Paul, Demi Lovato). Also the song "I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks" was in there - I get why the AI would add it in but that one needs to be marked anti-queer in the system

Edit 3: "Rave for preschoolers" mainly had either funk or queer dance music, only about 20% was EDM/Eurodance (and it was far down the playlist.) The songs with lyrics weren't really preschool-appropriate, I was expecting something from Cocomelon or Disney to pop up. 🤷

All of these comments are in good faith, I hope this helps fine-tune the algorithm!


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Obligatory post: if you are in the US, you can call 988 to reach mental health services (with the caveat that they are allowed to get law enforcement involved)

If you're dealing with suicidal thoughts in general and need someone to talk to, PM me, I know what it's like and am happy to lend an ear


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I know you're probably joking, but on the offchance you're not, PM me if you ever want to talk. I've been down the road of suicidal ideation and found a way to hang on, I can share tips and what I found helpful

Edit: Thank you to the nice person who reached out to Reddit Cares for me, to clarify I'm okay and not currently suicidal


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This can be used to argue for future studies of loneliness in children (since this was an analysis of previous studies over the last century.) It can also be used to support a budget for more counselors in schools, paid activities for children to meet each other, and finding ways to identify kids who are lonely and screen them for depressive symptoms. When you're asking someone for money, having a study to point to is often the difference between success and "maybe next year."