cippopotomas t1_ja4jz7p wrote

Why does intent matter? Things exist as they are, not what they're meant to be.

We can't possibly know what the intent was, so the conversation of "was it supposed to be?" is incredibly fucking pointless imo. Whereas the conversation of "is it?" has substantially more value.

Side gripe: Who the fuck cares what Tim Burton thinks? Dude came up with a kernel that Henry Selick and Danny Elfman brought to life. If you're gonna obsess over intent, fixate on the right people.


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So don't let people define you ever. But extra don't let them define you if they can't define themselves? Sure.

Others not being worth someone's time isn't relevant to this quote, it doesn't touch on that at all.

If you want me to think about that concept then I'm gonna need another half naked girl dancing.


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The amount of plot contrivances and absurd coincidences were brutal I thought. Intensely lazy writing on what was meant to be a final love letter to the fans.

It borderlines on so bad it's good for me. Angela's reaction to a ton of corpses on display is laughably bad. The entire series of events that enables her to discover Dexter's secret is so incredibly stupid. Random characters disappear or have their motivation outright change on a dime. Almost none of it makes sense.