citizentim t1_jcp4gxc wrote

They said the same thing about Photoshop. Don’t stress. There will always be art and artists.

Commercial and corporate art? Well, that’s gonna get barreled by AI. But, ultimately I think AI art will simply lead to another art style or movement.

Think about what someone like Warhol would be doing with AI. That dude would be having a blast right now.


citizentim t1_j6mq1fz wrote

It’s funny, I’m both a musician and a visual artist who does some YouTube tutorials and content.

On the music side, the reaction seems very much “oh, this is cool” but in the visual front there is a LOT more “kill it with FIRE!”

I don’t know. Maybe as musicians we’ve just learned to adapt quicker to technology? Or, maybe we’re just more used to being screwed over

Hope you catch a whopper!