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Editing to make a distinction between whatever the duck is going on in Spain and the way hunting dogs are treated in Texas: A good hunting dog takes years to train. It’s all about building a working relationship with the dog, and the dogs fucking LOVE hunting. Not to say there aren’t horrible people in the world that abuse dogs, but that’s not hunting, that’s animal abuse. To equate that with hunting is disingenuous at best. A good bird dog, for example, is trained to run around in a field with a bell on its collar and smell out birds. When it finds the birds, it stops and stands at attention, pointing, and waits for command. The hunter approaches and commands the dog to go in and flush the birds up. The bird flies up, the hunter shoots, the dog then collects the bird and brings it back to the hunter. Usually the dog is rewarded with the tasty entrails, feet and head of the bird, and they’re very happy dogs. They get to run around with their people, do rewarding work, and get tasty bird treats.


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There’s a big difference between a singer who doesn’t have a classically good voice, and a bad singer. Even singers who could never do opera can be amazing vocalists. Kurt cobain was mentioned by another commenter, and … man, listen to the mtv unplugged recordings of him. He put so much energy and feeling into that I still get goosebumps just thinking about it. Others suggested taking voice lessons, and it’s a good idea IMO. Just don’t try too hard to sound like someone else. Learn good technique, how to protect your voice, and then focus on how to put the feeling into it.


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That’s the problem. Summer drought and heat got some of them, freeze got the rest; despite my best efforts to water deep every other day in the summer (we’ll drained caliche soil) and protect from freeze. I’m expecting to lose some very nice big oaks in this ice-pocalypse. The biggest has lost about half its branches already. It’s heart breaking.


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I’d like to see it not so much scaled to industrial production levels as developed for local open-source or DIY use. Part of the problem with industrial food production is the distribution that follows it. Food packaging, transportation, getting food to consumers before it expires. If local communities could provide their own high quality protein flour, this would solve a lot of problems.