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I worked there briefly in the late 80's as a cashier. I'll always regret not exploring more of the non-public areas of the complex. It's sad that all that remains of the place now is a tiny bronze plaque, given how huge that store was in the culture of the area. Something of a town square. You just never knew what long lost friend you were going to bump into while shopping there.


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I might need new glasses as I initially read that text as a SORORITY checkpoint. You pull up, roll down the window and some cheery co-ed asks: "Delta-Delta-Delta can I help ya, help ya, help ya?"


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Whichever you decide, (and especially if you are selling electronics or anything else high dollar) please consider meeting a potential buyer in a well-trafficked public space, or at the police station. I'm reading about a lot of incidents (especially with FB Marketplace and OfferUp) with people having knives or guns pulled on them.


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As someone with ADD, who loves cinema, I don't know that I can relate to your question. Personally, I don't know that frantic movies with a lot of action and cuts really helps. And even even with the most staid, mellow Merchant-Ivory costume drama, there are still frequent cuts between shots that keep the picture changing. Self medicating with a little bit of caffeine (and putting away my phone) is generally enough for m to get through any movie. I'm low key wondering if your man is just maybe using this as an excuse to get out of watching the movies you're into (and he's not).


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Man, I just want a robot to take care of me when I'm old. I gotta say I thought we'd be a bit further along by now. And I'm in GenX so I'm starting to worry. And they wouldn't have to look and work as well as Ex Machina. Though that certainly wouldn't hurt.