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Not confused, bitter, or rural. I don’t know what kind of complex discussions you think I’m misinterpreting, but basically every message I’ve received has been ad hoc and has had nothing or little to do with rural politics. You pretend to care about working class people while ignoring their perspectives in lieu of supporting the business class in Eastern Massachusetts while grifting as some kind of anti-systemic activist.

You’re on a real high horse for someone who can’t even ride a pony.

Keep up the revolution brother, I’m sure you’ll get far from your keyboard.


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You continue with ad box attacks yet you can’t even engage with any substance. It sounds to me like I presented you with a conundrum in your perspective of democracy and you are having some kind of meltdown dealing with it. Have a good day man, I hope 2023 will be better than 2022 for you.


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Lol way to make massive assumptions about who I am and my identity. Unsurprisingly incorrect, and your assumption says a lot about you.

You’re unironically making an argument that I’m being ignorant of viewpoints as you cherry-pick one of the wealthiest towns in western mass. The lack of self awareness is palpable.


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I would be willing to bet a lot money I’m much better educated than you. You can say I’m gaslighting you all you want but can’t refute the points I’m making. If they’re so bad, it should be easy. That’s how I feel about your arguments at least.

You’re right about the symbiosis, it’s just that only one participant in the relationship is given credit.


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They do all the work and services that city and suburban folks can’t and won’t do. We couldn’t survive without rural people and their concerns are the concerns of the broader public. Their voices should absolutely be heard.

Imagine someone said that because black people are only 13% of the population they don’t deserve representation. You’d call them a bigoted ass hole, but you get to say the same thing about rural folks because they’re white and disagree with you. I don’t really expect you to hold yourself accountable to hatred but just some food for thought.