ckayfish t1_j2b68k5 wrote

“You’re telling me that your species sent a missile to destroy all life, waited for it to get here, waited for the light to get back to where ever you came from to witness the event, then sent a generational ship and just stopped watching the planet for development?”


“Did you not receive any radio signals from the planet, or observe any of our interstellar probes?”


“What would you like to happen now?”


“What do you have to offer us?”

The secrets of unlimited power

“Who will control this power?”

No one. It’s accessible to everyone

“You can stay, but only if you promise to never share this secret.”

Why can’t we share it

“Because there are those here that would use it to destroy the planet.”

Why would they do this

“Religion mostly. They believe that’s what their God wants.”

What is religion. What is God

“(Provides brief history of religion on earth)”

“Wait! Where are you going? Come back… hello?!”