clamroll t1_j9ndszx wrote

I used to live up in NH, and live in MA currently. The "Live Free or Die" state passed marijuana legalization a few years ago only to have it vetoed by the governor. Meanwhile the states surrounding it have legalized. From what my fiends in NH tell me, they basically have been doing the inverse of what out of staters have been doing for years.

For those who don't know: anything more than beer needs to be sold in a state run liquor store in new hampshire. NH state liquor stores are a trip to go to... they're huge, have great prices, and if you go to one by a border they're on the highway with their own exit. It's common for MA folks to drive up on the weekends to buy booze (or household appliances) on the cheap (or without sales tax as the case may be).

However, a lot of southern new hampshire works in MA. Most of my friends are no exception to this. They hit up the MA dispensaries after work before heading home.

I guess they've finally gotten fed up with other states living freer than they do 😆