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As someone who used to work for tips (server), we know you. I see you. There are always some people like you, and after awhile, you can usually spot them coming in the door. We still have to bring you food and drinks, but we don't have to be happy about it. That's why you always want to have good relations with the host/ess, because s/he's the one assigning tables... and a talented hostess can spot you a mile away. Especially since most patrons are repeat customers, we know some of you by name.

P.S. This type of behaviour along with its accompanying BS rationalizations was usually on full display one specific day of the week on the afternoon shift. And that day was Sunday.


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Probably more like hedonistic. The original concept of happiness as the penultimate goal of life comes from Aristotle's 'Eudaimonia,' which more accurately is translated as "flourishing" and connotes harmony. Happiness is not the goal... but it's a pretty good thermometer.