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I guess I worded it badly. From what I understand, you can sell them but currently you can't claim copyright on an image that hasn't been modified and only purely generated.

So unless you modify them somewhat after generating them or transform them, someone can legally sell them as well.

And ai is a new thing in terms of regulation. I wouldn't mention it just to avoid any future hassle.


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You aren't infringing anyone's copyright, but you technically don't have a copyright for them either. You can sell them but if you are worried, just don't mention they are ai.


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You sound like a closed minded simpleton. If you haven't experienced it, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

I don't see what's so crazy about technology simulating time dilation when we can already do it through drugs. I mean, adrenaline alone can change your perception of time. You seem to be misunderstanding the conversation and are being immature about it.

No one is trying to imply time itself will go slower or something, calm down.


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It's a game changing tool, a company that needed ten artist will probably only need two. If you are posting on instagram, it means ten times the competition.

If you want to stay relevant, either become an expert with the new tool or change to a medium that isn't affected (sculpting painting, etc).