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99 has them exactly in this package. I was there over the weekend. It’s the last aisle on the right side of the store. Same aisle as the eggs but opposite side. There’s even smaller bags of daikon strips which I normally get cause those huge logs is too much daikon for me. Go to h-mart some time and pick up some kimbap. It’s got pickled daikon in it too and it’s delicious


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By living in JC, you no longer pay the ~4% NYC city tax on income. NJ state income tax bracket rates are also lower than NY state.

JC downtown/Newport is also a special zone where you only pay 3.75% sales tax shopping in person. 6.65% sales tax for items shipped to you.

Foods cheaper too.

If you have an HSA though, those contributions do not lower NJ income tax ability.

Overall, it’s a win win living in JC vs Brooklyn. More take home pay and expenses are lower so you’re saving on both ends. Even path from Newport/grove/exchange place/journal sq is more pleasant of a ride to get to midtown or WTC than MTA.

Only downside is higher property tax so renting is a better deal if you’re just a single person. Lots of high rises coming online soon so too so hopefully supply outpaces demand.

Let me know if you have any other questions, I build payroll software so this is my wheelhouse and my partner and I did the math a year ago when deciding to move to JC or NYC