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Not only do they not know it, they also have no idea the extent of what's collected. On a constant basis. Then used to refine a profile about you.

They can also monitor things they don't use as features. Such as Bluetooth. They might not offer BT as a user feature, but may very well monitor other people that come to visit. Did your guests agree to be monitored and tracked by companies simply by coming over to visit? No.


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That just seems like a quick way to spiral out of covering anything and coming up with little policies to cover lots of little things.

That's just more expensive and seems like a way for insurance companies to weasel out of their job while at the same time blaming the customer and trying to pull in more money.


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That's not why the rule is there.

In the US, the rule comes from the FCC, not the FAA.

It's not about the plane. It's about having hundreds of devices rapidly switching towers as a plane takes off or lands. Causing lots of needless work for the cell system, waste of resources and loads of interference and congestion on the RF spectrum.

Has nothing to do with the plane.