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Personally I just cut out a few triangles and used them as support between the molding and fence. Worked great!

But OP do a few tiny test pieces first so you can make sure the molding is cut the right way. It's been a while since I did this so I might be misremembering, but I think it needs to be upside down so the top of the "bottom" of your molding is against the fence?


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I just recently saw the sequel and was pleasantly surprised too. Of course it's nowhere near as good as the first--but it didn't suck, and I was impressed that they really did mature Max up.

For example: When his dad follows him along and does horrendously embarassing things he is way more tolerant and polite about it than in the first film! First film Max would have yelled and gone off to mope, but you get more a sense that college age Max understands he gets why his dad is doing it and doesn't want to rake him over the coals even if it's annoying.


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I'd also assume this is a drainage issue from OP's pic--those bricks don't exactly look tattered and torn, so if the column is leaning it was likely a problem with the soil around it. Not the bricks themselves.

Fix the drainage and foundation first.