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> No wonder you're opposing education as a solution

Where did I say I oppose it?

>I don't think I can simplify this any further for you.

I'm not asking you to simplify anything. I'm asking you to explain what the statement means. But let me simplify the obvious for you - What kind of education is needed to solve criminal behavior?


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>I'm not saying the cause of criminality is a lack of education. Education is the solution.

All I asked is for you to explain what this statement means. You haven't done that.

Because holy shit no one on Earth would have read that statement and thought to themselves it must mean this:

>As you by now understand as well, criminality is complex and multifaceted. There are countless reasons for why somebody would potentially do something that could harm somebody else. There are evolutionary reasons, poverty, fear, security concerns, potentially hundreds of psychological reasons, and many many more we're not aware of.

>Now what's the next step? We can ask why. Why do we have evolutionary biases pushing us to do crimes? Why is there poverty? Why is there [insert issue]?

>You notice, these are all very complex questions in and of themselves. But if you can answer these, if only partially, you can move on to the next step.


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> I'm not saying the cause of criminality is a lack of education. Education is the solution.

Expand on that statement then. Give a proper explanation as to what it means rather than just saying shit and expecting people to accept it as fact and then blaming them for misunderstanding your ambiguity.


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No, your original comment was wrong and ambiguous.

So here's what you should have said genius: The more likely someone is educated the more likely someone is to get employment, the more likely someone has employment and earning money the less likely they will be committing crime and stealing money. This would be applying to studies down on those living around poverty levels.

But there is no reason in anyway to suggest people who are more educated and experienced are less likely to commit crime because educated people commit crimes all the time, criminal behavior is driven by greed, lust, jealousy and all those good things, even those with plenty still want more. White collar crime is rampant throughout the corporate, political and banking industry and to dismiss that by pretending that people in those industries are just loud and less educated is nothing but ignorance.

In conclusion and as I have already said your original comment is nothing but nonsensical bullshit.


>you missunderstood my position from the very start

You made an open ended statement and are now blaming me for misunderstanding it?


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Ok you did say those things. Because that is what I'm discussing, those original statements, not the one you just came up with in order to dodge the question.

So i'll say it again. What do those original statements mean exactly and how can those statements be in anyway reasonable when people who are educated and experienced partake in criminal activity? Who are you talking about when you say criminal behavior is seen less and less when people grow in both education and experience?


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> I did not say the educated don't steal

You said that behavior is seen less and less as the person grows in both experience and level of education. So what exactly does that mean then?

You're speaking like it's a law of nature or something, that the more people are educated and experienced the less they steal. And you are also trying to pretend that actual criminals are less intelligent than others. What you are saying makes no sense and it is complete bullshit.


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>This behaviour is seen less and less as the person grows in both experience and level of education.

It's true, some of the richest well educated people alive today are also some of the most ethical and selfless people who do nothing but give back to society and in no way treat humanity and the planet like their own personal playground to do what ever the fuck they want. If only we could all be as wise and educated as the CEO's of the glorious mega-corporations and their political lapdogs then the world would be a much better place.