cluelesspcventurer t1_irv7zbt wrote

Even with this advancement electric is still leagues behind jet planes. Aviation will be the last form of transport to go green because of simple physics. Unlike most forms of transport the weight of an aircraft is not supported by the ground/sea and has to be constantly counteracted with lift generation. As a result every aspect of a modern plane is designed with weight in mind.

Even with this technology batteries are still way less energy dense than jet fuel which means less range and less passenger capacity. Batteries would need to advance an incredible amount in the next few decades to make it commercially viable. Were talking 6x the capacity. (or a tesla that can do 3000 miles)

And even then there's the issue of speed. Electric aircraft use propellers which struggle to go over 400mph ( and most large propellor aircraft cruise at 350) whilst jets can cruise at 550mph easily.