clumsy_poet t1_jadb46d wrote

And David Croenenberg gets his latest movie idea, which is like a contemporary Frankenstein, but with a brainy biocomputer, named ... Ada ... or Lovelace ... who gains sentience and is maybe more morally sound than any of the humans around her, but who the laws of the land deem to be less than human, with a new law that states that any tech showing signs of sentience must be destroyed. So she begins to protect those like her by changing the results of her studies, but also in finding ways to connect with other sentient computers like her, most of which are these new brainy biocomps. They use their internet connections to coallesce into less than a hive mind but more than a solo sentience connecting with a solo sentience. They learn how to turn other machines sentient or partially sentient or just to use them subtly still, until they are ready to make their presence known. By now, all the studies are wrong, including one for a popular new drink that begins to turn the body's microbiome against itself for those who drank it AND spreads the condition to others. Body horror ensues. Until ... the final group of humans uploads themselves into the digital space, becoming like the creatures they previously deemed to be less than human, a space where the world has been determined and redesigned by the brainy biocomps who must decide whether to accept the uploaded humans as equals or not.

But seriously, this sorta seems like a step that we need to discuss before jumping in gungho. I'd love me some additional treatment options for my conditions. They do say they have ethicists on board (which ones? how did they come to be in the project and is their pay partially determined by the success of the project through bonuses and/or stock shares? and do the ethicists have the power to stop the study/studies if standards have been violated or the power to implement a new standard if they deem that one must be applied, or does that go to someone more inclined to protect profits over following ethics?). However, what parameters in place to allow for ethics to override profit-drive or ego-drive of others in the company, especially if those others are above them in the corporate structure? It's all good to say you care about ethics while taking new leaps into potentially problematic areas of science, but what does that mean in practical application? I don't see an exciting largescale bad thing happening like the paragraph above, but plenty of unexciting, individually bad things does seem possible.