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They've already squandered billions of dollars away without results. Any future money they get should not be on the table in the first place, but if it does end up going to them, they should have to provide the results first. These are huge companies that can afford to wait for their money, so let's make them. If they try to complain, we can ask "what's the problem? You're going to do the work anyway, right?"


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>An indictment and prosecutors alleged he targeted students after he moved into his daughter’s on-campus dormitory with her roommates around 2010, when they were sophomores, and began "therapy" sessions with some of the students under the ruse that he was going to help them with their psychological problems.

What in the world? The college is directly responsible for these crimes. They were housing him and you know there must have been a litany of complaints. And for 10+ years!? Yeah, they knew about it.

>Attorneys for victim Santos Rosario said the judge’s sentence "reflects the immeasurable harm" Ray inflicted on his targets.

Oh, I bet. The only harm he cares about is the harm to his own life now that he's going to be behind bars.

Also, the headline is convoluted. This is how it should read: Man who sex trafficked and extorted students of Sarah Lawrence College gets 60 years. There's no need to put daughters or schoolmates in the title.


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There's a joke about "intentional infliction of emotional distress" is a hard thing to actually charge anybody with because any crime can be thought of as distressing from the victim's viewpoint, but that isn't often the intent. For example, if I broke into your house and then you are scared going forward, it's just a coincidence that you are emotionally distressed after. The real intent was burglary. You would have to prove that I knowingly entered in a way that would elicit a psychological response, and that is something there's never enough evidence for it fails in court.

This bitch though? This is where intentional infliction of emotional distress actually implies. What other intention is there when you are bullying somebody? And your own daughter? Proof that they knew better.


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Correlation. You're smartphone is the easiest and most convenient distraction which low cognitive abilities, less self-contro,l and poor psychological well-being response to.

Remember when they used to blame TV on everything? Could have the same headline just swap the words


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Jpeg is still old as hell. It needs to die! They have come out with numerous replacements for it but none of them seem to catch on... It seems that with all digital consumer technology, you better get it right the first time because nobody will give a shit after (only hope is somebody like apple Google etc start using).