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We use Mercy but are in the same boat the our insurance covers Cox too (hee hee). Hubby had his done through Cox Urology almost 2 years ago. I think from first phone call to actual procedure it took about 3-4 weeks. He was sore the first few days but was fine after that. His biggest surprise was the bruising. It was very...colorful...for a few days. We paid out of pocket for the entire procedure - I want to say $860 - and our insurance reimbursed us $800. So we were only technically out the $60 office copay.


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I grew up in Springfield but moved to Republic about 12 years ago. Only my oldest kiddo is school aged - 1st grade- but so far we are really fond of the Republic School District. He recently qualified for their gifted program and they've gone out of their way to keep him engaged. Republic also has a really engaging parks and Rec department and far more parks than other nearby cities (it's part of what keeps us here)

Do your kids have any special interests? Some local districts obviously excel in certain interest areas.

All the close non SPS districts (Willard, Nixa, Republic, Ozark) are growing RAPIDILY and sports are highly competitive and hard to get in to.

I grew up on the north side of Springfield (Reed and Hillcrest) which did have a high level of poverty but I had a FABULOUS experience! Central High School (which is center city and also a high poverty rate) also has an amazing international baccalaureate program with great advanced classes.

I'd be happy to help with any specific questions!



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I've worked for both companies and both have great physicians and room for improvement. I'm thankful that my insurance considers both in network. Mercy has better rehabilitation services following an illness (stroke, car wreck, brain injury). I don't love my Mercy primary care dr though and am looking to switch to Cox but my children's Mercy pediatrician is the best ped in Springfield. I also absolutly love my Mercy OBGYN. However we've had better luck at Cox Urgent Care (The Turner Center) for kids and adults vs Mercy urgent care.

I didn't really answer your question (sorry) but I agree with the above - people in Springfield are usually passionate about which health system they prefer.

If you are lucky enough that your insurance covers both systems then don't be afraid to mix and match.


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Wilson's Creek National Battlefield also has a few very easy unpaved trails. I think they range from 1-3 miles. We enjoy them and depending on which one you do there are some old cemeteries hidden in the woods!