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Interesting that you mentioned Brooklyn 99 since it always felt like an updated version of Barney Miller to me. I think its more of a cyclical thing. The work place sitcom is not a new thing, there's been things like Cheers, Mary Tyler Moore, Mash, Sports Night, News Radio, Taxi, Night Court, Murphy Brown etc there may be more of a concentration of them now. I have to admit i don't really keep up with modern comedies so i can't say for sure


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I know when I saw the VVitch I could hear general discontentment from the audience. I loved the movie but I don't really know many people I would recommend it to. Even the other big horror fan was turned off because of the marketing of it being the scariest movie ever that A 24 will do. I fear Skinamarink is the same.


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Like I said it's more of a relative thing for the time and genre. There was some negativity because Willis was not seen as a super tough guy not even like earlier action stars like Steve McQueen. He was also typecast as a goofy guy. He certainly is not an everyman by reality's standards but action movies aren't reality. The decade started with Harrison Ford as the big action hero but bulky muscle men replaced that ideal. Willis was probably more of a return to form.